Over a 30-year career in Engineering and Operations roles I have overcome many challenges, learned valuable lessons from my mistakes, and delivered many successful outcomes.

In this time, I have also come to realise that businesses put a lot of effort into overcoming issues and challenges but not nearly enough effort into preventing and avoiding issues.

As I executed the numerous business processes required to get work done, I realised that most processes are overly complicated, poorly documented, and poorly understood. Good people work very hard to follow these processes, and when issues arise, the processes are often updated with more complexity but less clarity.

I became very interested in how processes can be improved in order to improve the flow of work and value through any operation, and in 2015 I made the decision to change the direction of my career to focus fully on supporting companies to improve their Operational Performance by making it easier to get good work done. I set up my own consultancy business and began to work with companies – and so Evota was born.

As a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt I help organisations identify the changes that need to be made in order to achieve Operational Excellence, but I also provide Training and mentoring in Lean Thinking, Problem Solving and Project Management, so that companies can build their own capability to embark on their continuous improvement journey.

Ken Colville
Ken Colville, founder @ EVOTA

How EVOTA Adds Value to Your Business

The EVOTA approach is summarized in three words.


I will help your business to see the non-value-adding work that is built into your processes and systems, so that you can stop doing non-value-add work and instead do more of the work that adds value, enables learning, and drives improvement – simple as that!


I will work with your teams, to make the current processes visible through business process mapping. The issues which cause wasted time and effort will be exposed, making their impact clear to users and stakeholders. When the issues and problems are visible, I apply Lean Thinking and Structured Problem Solving to resolve the issues and clear the path to efficient product and service delivery to your customers.


Throughout this process of improvement, I will build capability within your teams through Training Coaching and Mentoring. This enables your business to become effective and self-sufficient in driving Continuous Improvement.

Core Values

Customer Focus

I will fully understand my Clients’ needs and will make sure the work I do addresses those needs


I will act with honesty and integrity in all my interactions with my Clients


I recognise and value the qualities and differences in everyone I work with


I strive to constantly reflect on my work and expand my knowledge to improve and grow professionally and personally

Deliver Value

I will deliver value to my Clients by ensuring that working with me is a positive experience with tangible results

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