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Business Process Improvement

WHY? – It is likely that your business runs processes that have evolved over years. Features and controls have been added over time, and this leads to unintended complexity, more time required to complete work, more resources required, and sometimes more mistakes made. Business Process Improvement removes complexity and frees up valuable resources. Creating a clear well understood map of your processes is also a key enabler of Digitisation.

HOW? – Using Lean Thinking and tools I will guide your teams through the process of analysing existing processes and systems to understand how they are operating today, what issues are impeding the flow of work, and where improvements can be made.

Processes are captured digitally through the workshops, and improvement opportunities are identified as cost-saving, quality, or efficiency projects.

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Structured Problem Solving

WHY? The traditional and most common response, when problems occur, is to react quickly, with very limited data, and move to implement perceived solutions as soon as possible. The impact of this is ineffective solutions, wasted resources, and recurrence of problems, which generates a cycle of constant fire-fighting

To achieve real change businesses must apply a structured problem solving methodology, to identify the real problem using facts and data, understand the root causes of the problem, and apply effective solutions.

HOW? I will train your teams on the Six Sigma methodology and guide them through the application of the structured problem solving process by coaching them as they lead projects to resolve specific problems impacting your business. 

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Build Team Capability

WHY? When teams are given the opportunity to acquire new knowledge and skills, and are empowered to apply these skills and knowledge to their work, Operational Performance improves. A culture of learning drives a culture of continuous improvement.

HOW? I will build your teams capability in two ways:

Classroom Training – principles and concepts of Lean, Six Sigma, Structured Problem Solving, and Process Analysis are delivered to teams through classroom training, supported by high quality training materials. Classroom training can be delivered face-to-face or remotely via Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Coaching – “Learning in the flow of work” is recognised as an extremely important and effective way of transferring skills and experience to teams. As Shelly Holt, former chief people officer at PayScale, explains, the way people learn has fundamentally changed…We need to create an environment where you learn, you practice, and you apply it”. I will coach your teams to learn, practice, and apply through solving real problems and implementing real improvements which impact the bottom line of your business.

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